R+Co Review: Part Two

Remember my review of those R+Co hair products from a while back? Probably not, because it has taken me just under two months to post Part Two of that review. I know, I majorly suck. But even if it takes me a while, I never turn back on a promise. So:

Drumroll please…

Here is PART TWO of my R+Co product review!

Park Ave Blow Out BalmNMC1TE5_mk

Whenever I blow-dry my hair (not very often, TBH) it ends up looking frizzy. Nice, but amateur. I was hoping R+Co’s Park Ave Blow Out Balm would solve my problems. And guess what? It actually did. A dollop of it goes a long way in preventing those ugly flyaways and frizz. Hellooo, smooth locks.


Chiffon Styling Mousse

In Part One of my R+Co review, I admitted that I was underwhelmed with the effects of the Chiffon Stlying Mousse. I gave it another chance and followed the directions properly, and it definitely worked a lot better in giving my hair body. It still didn’t give me the “soft, girly curls” that it promises, but I’ll keep it around for the volume it provided. That, and the cutest packaging ever.

Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray

I don’t use hairspray very often, which is largely due to the fact that it makes me think of that tacky, hard, crunchy look that we’ve all had at NMC1UKN_mksome point in our lives when we went a little wild with the aerosol can. I used the Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray on my last few top-knots, and it has restored my faith in hairspray. Oh, you mean your perfectly coifed bun doesn’t have to turn into JLo’s mane circa the ‘Jenny from the Block’ days? Phew. The spray held my bun in place with no flyaways for hours at a time without ever feeling stiff and sticky.

So there you have it. I hope this helps lock in your best hair ever. See what I did there?

{A million thanks to Robert at Robert Jason Salon on Main Street in Andover for these products! As I mentioned in Part One, although I was given these products at no cost, all opinions are my own. I don’t sell out that easily, people.}

Colorfully Yours,



Bingeworthy: My Netflix Picks


If you’re anything like me, the onset of winter weather means one thing: hibernation. For those days and nights when you can’t even fathom opening the door to get the mail, Netflix is your salvation. Forget the stinging of the midwinter wind on your cheeks – instead, go for the stinging of your eyes as your brain melts from too much screen time.

One of the wonderful things about Netflix is that there is literally something for everyone. You want an animated kids show? Sure. You want a documentary about violent drug wars? You can have that too. All in the same place.

My family has long since marveled at my eclectic taste in TV and film. My media-critic brother, Matt, laughs at the fact that my favorite movies range from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Grease to Blow, American Gangster and Munich.

With that in mind, I think I’m pretty capable of giving Netflix recommendations to a wide range of personalities.

Without further ado, here are my top binge-worthy Netflix TV shows for every mood.

Shows to fall asleep to:

New Girl

It took me a long time to get on the New Girl train, but boy, am I glad I did. I watched the first four seasons this past summer, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for the current season to debut on Netflix ever since. Jess will have you embracing your own quirkiness, while roommate Nick will leave you wanting to embrace him.

Baby Daddy

This show is so awful that it’s great. It makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to if these people are getting paid to act. But the corny jokes and loud laugh track make this the perfect show for those mindless nights when you just want to veg out. Plus, one of the lead actors is a Type 1 diabetic in real life, just like me! Doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous, either.


I know. Obviously, right? But, I will admit that I never used to see the appeal. I would catch a few minutes of the reruns on TV late at night, but I never really got why it was so popular. I finally decided to watch from start to finish and realized that it’s pretty darn great. That, and that I need some “friends” of my own.

Shows to stay up late to:

Mad Men

I love immersing myself in decades gone by. The outfits, the slang, the social scene. Mad Men gives you a glimpse into the late fifties and the sixties – the good, the bad and the ugly. There are so many characters you’ll love to hate and hate to love. I’m lookin’ at you, Don Draper.

Chasing Life

I’ve dedicated an entire post to this one before. It has since been cancelled, which makes steam come out of my ears. As I tell anyone who will listen, this was one of the last good shows with a lesson. We have enough reality TV and all that crap. Why does every show with morals and a storyline get canceled?!

Friday Night Lights

Let’s pretend that the last 1.5 seasons don’t exist. Once you get rid of those monstrosities, you can truly enjoy the goodness that is FNL. High school in Texas – football, relationships, bad decisions, Tim Riggins… what more could you ask for in a show? The answer is nothing.

Shows to have nightmares from:


As I revealed above, I love a good drug show. I’ll just blame it on growing up with two older brothers, even though in reality I appreciate a drug drama more than they do. Narcos is dark, violent, and based on the true story of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug cartel. Grab the popcorn.

Breaking Bad

Oh. Em. Gee. I just finished binging this one. I finished all five seasons in less than a month. Let’s just say I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I’ll admit that the beginning didn’t totally grip me, but as the show went on I felt myself bursting with emotion. This show isn’t for the faint of heart – or the anxiety-ridden, but I broke that rule. By the end of the last season I was feeling pretty unstable. Get ready to combust.

Orange is the New Black

If you haven’t started OITNB by now, you’ve got some serious issues. Throw on your orange onesie and get ready to serve some time. I promise your time behind bars (uh, the screen?) will fly by, though. Relish it.

Have any must-binge recommendations for me? Let me know! And as my brother always reminds me when I get too wrapped up in TV, don’t forget to go outside and get some air.

Colorfully Yours,


Hair to Stay: R+Co Product Review

My R+Co loot from Robert Jason Salon

My R+Co loot from Robert Jason Salon

I would say I’m quite brave when it comes to my hair. No, I don’t mean I’ve tried the half-shaved look or that I’ve dyed my hair pink (unless pink highlights in middle school count), but I tend to go from one extreme to the other.

Even as a kid, I once went from Pocahontas locks to a bob on a whim, leaving my grandfather confused about who the short-haired girl seating herself at his table was. In high school, I contributed 10+ inches to Locks for Love. In college, I started with ombré but soon wanted more – so after a few months of going back and forth to the salon, I became a blonde.

Right after graduation, I went to my hairdresser and asked her to chop off the hair I had spent years growing and countless dollars coloring. She questioned my sanity, but I pushed until she did it. It still wasn’t drastic enough for me, though. A few days later, I went back and asked her to keep going.

Up until a month ago, I was back to an ombré look, albeit unintentionally. I just wanted to give my hair a much-needed break from processing, and growing out the remaining blonde was taking an eternity. Then one day I woke up, wanted to go dark, and booked an appointment. So today, I’m a mid-length, mocha brunette.

An awkward collage of my hair for the good of my readers

An awkward collage of my hair for the good of my readers

Ok, so you probably didn’t need a four paragraph history of my hair, but you must know by now that I like to talk – err, type. Anyway, my new hair became a topic of conversation between my boss, Honey, and her hairstylist, Robert. That would be Robert of Robert Jason Salon in Andover, MA, seen in Vogue, Lucky, Allure, Northshore, and Boston magazines. Robert wanted to help me out with my new locks, so he put together a bag of R+Co samples for me. How thoughful?!

I’ll admit that I hadn’t yet heard of R+Co, but it turns out I had been living under a rock. As soon as I was introduced to the brand, I started noticing it in several magazines, my friends’ beauty cabinets, etc. Better late than never, right?

While I am admittedly anything but low maintenance when it comes to my clothing, I am embarrassingly low maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup. I’ve always wished I had the motivation or skills to do my hair more than once every few weeks, but I guess I don’t have much space left in my mind for anything but my closet. I love getting my hair done, obviously, but I’m the girl that jumps out of the shower and lets the air around me work its drying magic. Sue me!

Needless to say, I was a little worried about these fancy R+Co products. How would I know what circumstance in which to use each product?! And, honestly, would I have the energy to put in the effort?

Enter these fabulous bottles of hair magic. The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. Each bottle has an amazing backdrop, with clean white rectangles and simple black font featuring the name of the product. Some of you may be thinking that I’m putting too much stock into a bottle, but visuals are so important when it comes to products like these. If you say you don’t judge a product by its cover, you’re lying. Not only do we tend to go for the pretty packaging, but we go for the one that matches our vibe. The edgy, artsy, colorful packaging of R+Co? Yeah, those vibes spoke to me.

Moving on to the back of the bottles. They each give you a sentence or two about exactly how and when to use each product, and what the desired effect will be.

Example: “Chiffon Styling Mousse. Good for: Soft, girly curls on any length of hair. How to: Towel-dry hair and apply Chiffon section by section for the perfect blow-dry. Can also scrunch into hair and let it air dry.”

Thank you for working with us hair imbeciles, R+Co! It means a lot.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the price of these bad boys. There’s nothing I hate more than falling in love with a product in the salon and then seeing that the price tag is absolutely bananas. Unless it’s going to have hundreds of potential suitors lining up at my door, no hair product is worth high two-to-three figures, in my opinion. To be perfectly honest, most of my beauty products are purchased at CVS. *Pan to cringing beauty gurus everywhere.* Guess what, though? The R+Co products range from $20 to $29. For a stylist-recommended product that actually works? Now that’s a number I can get behind.

Now for the products themselves. Since I just explained that I don’t do my hair very often, I haven’t had a chance to try out all of the products just yet. But I didn’t want to withhold this info from you guys for much longer, so I’ll be reviewing them in two parts. Time for Part One!

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Love at first spritz. I’ve been a loyal dry shampooer for quite some time now, but I’m constantly switching from brand to brand. There always seems to be a flaw with each of them. Perhaps it’s because up until now, I’ve capped my dry shampoo budget at $6. I guess you really do get what you (don’t) pay for. Anyway, despite the name, Death Valley smells like heaven on earth. The fragrance is called Rosy Eyed, which is described as “a spirited unpredictable scent.” I know that means nothing to you (or me), but you just have to smell it to understand. It is kind of “unpredictable.” It’s like an edgy-yet-sweet scent. Ok, I think I inhaled too much of it. Moving on. Since coloring my hair darker than ever before, I’ve unfortunately noticed that it tends to look greasy and limp much quicker than it used to. Well, this dry shampoo starts working on the first spray. It gave me a tousled, revived look. I think I’ve used up half the bottle already!

Aircraft Pomade Mousse

Aircraft Pomade Mousse

Aircraft Pomade Mousse

I’ve never really understood mousse. I always kind of thought it was for, well, older ladies. Turns out I was wrong. This one is pretty much the opposite of that – it gave me sexy, bedhead waves. R+Co describes the look perfectly: “studiously messy.” Like those models who look like they just rolled around in the sheets – but 1000 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. I also always pictured mousse as sticky and heavy, but Aircraft is neither. All it takes is a tiny little pump to thicken up your hair, and it feels like there’s no product in it at all.

Chiffon Styling Mousse

Chiffon Styling Mousse

Chiffon Styling Mousse

This packaging is Haley on a bottle. That bow blouse?! My ideal top. In fact, I have one just like it – but way less chic. Between the name, the art, and the description, I figured this was just the product I needed to finally morph fully into Blair Waldorf. But unlike Blair, I took the easy way out. I didn’t feel like blow drying my hair post-shower that day, so I did the scrunch-into-dry-hair-and-air-dry method. While it worked to give me a bit more volume and body, I wasn’t ready to take my ‘do gallivanting around the Upper East Side. I’m not giving up just yet, though. I promise I’ll put in the ounce of effort this calls for and let you know the real verdict in Part Two of my post! Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

I know by this point in my post some cynical little soul will be claiming I only wrote positive reviews because I was given these samples at no cost. While these products were gifted to me, they were given by Robert Jason Salon, not R+Co. Therefore, I have no reason to be biased about them in any way. Plus, if I was doing this for R+Co, I probably wouldn’t have said that the last product was underwhelming. All honesty from this low-mainteance, cheap-beauty-product-buying girl, folks.

Thank you again to Robert for my products! Head on over to Robert Jason Salon on Main Street in Andover to stock up on these and many more. Or keep adding to that piggy bank of yours and wait until I finish Part Two. Your call.

Dark-Haired but Still Colorfully Yours,


Color Me Cured

November is National Diabetes Month. The goal is to spread awareness of the disease that is so often misunderstood and stigmatized.

As I mentioned in my diabetes series earlier this fall, diabetes kills more people per year than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Type 1 diabetes is responsible for an estimated loss of life expectancy of 13 years. There is also a myriad of complications that affect the entire body and mind.

Since I spent much of September informing my readers about the Type 1 diabetes, a disease that I suffer from, I decided to take a different approach this month.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.44.20 PM

I have set up a page on Bravelets.com, a website that makes cute (and colorful!) jewelry to bring awareness to and raise money for countless causes. For each item purchased on their website, Bravelets donates $10 to the cause of your choice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.24.55 PMWhile I have set up my page to directly proceed the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Bravelets also supports causes related to Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, MS, mental health, and so much more. You can even set up a page to raise funds for your own medical bills.

On my page, you will see that I have chosen three colors: silver gray, teal, and pink. Gray was the original color of diabetes awareness via a gray ribbon, but most people have switched over to representing the disease with blue – the color of the circle designated by the International Diabetes Foundation. And since I’m all about the brights, I allowed myself the creative freedom of teal – it’s in the blue family! As for pink, I just love pink. Who doesn’t want pink jewelry? If none of these colors suit you, though, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your very own color.

I unfortunately was not able to get a promo code for Bravelets – not for lack of trying, though – but I guess we can all suck it up knowing that it is for a good cause! The items on my page range from $25-$42.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the “be brave” earrings. How cute?!

To head over to my Bravelets page, click one of the links above or visit: https://www.bravelets.com/bravepage/color-me-curedScreen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.25.03 PM

And if you’d like a refresher on my diabetes series from earlier this fall, check out the following links:





Thank you all so much for your love and support! Happy shopping!

Colorfully Yours,


Through Iris Colored Glasses

iris apfel

“Color is so important. I mean, color can raise the dead.” — Iris Apfel

If you don’t know who Iris Apfel is, you are seriously missing out.

I’ll admit that until recently, I wasn’t quite sure who she was. I recognized her from her signature round, oversized glasses and white hair. I knew she had something to do with the fashion world. But I wasn’t exactly sure what that ‘something’ was.

Thank heavens for Netflix.

I recently came across Iris, a 2014 documentary about Apfel shot by the late legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles, on the streaming site. I always thought Ms. Apfel looked cool in photos, and of course I can appreciate a bold eyeglass frame. I decided to give the documentary a try – I could always switch to something mindless if it didn’t keep my interest.

Fast-forward to the end of the documentary, and I found myself Googling “Iris Apfel mailing address” so I could express my intense appreciation for her in writing.

While I didn’t find an address, I thought sharing the greatness that is Iris in blog form would be the next best thing.

“I don’t give a damn about going to the party or being at the party, it’s getting dressed FOR the party. And there’s truth and poetry in that.” — Iris Apfel

Through my supplementary research, I learned that the now 94-year-old has been interested in fashion since she was eight years old. Iris attended NYU and the University of Wisconsin. She even worked as a ‘copy girl’ at Women’s Wear Daily in the 1940’s. She worked for interior designer Elinor Johnson as well as illustrator Robert Goodman.

iris apfel

The documentary went on to inform me that Apfel and her husband Carl opened a textile firm in 1950 called Old World Weavers. The couple created custom textiles for wealthy clients, and with continued success they went on to travel the world in search of inspiration. Iris recalls scouring souks and markets for unique, worldly pieces. The pair was even hired by nine presidents to complete restorations in the White House. In 1992, they received an offer they couldn’t refuse, and sold Old World Weavers.

Iris’s worldwide inspiration didn’t end there, though. The documentary follows the icon as she barters in African shops in Harlem and sifts through thrift store merchandise. In one flea market scene, Iris buys a bright red, studded flat brim hat for Carl – who is 100-years-old at the time of filming.

Iris’ sense of style is unlike anything I’ve seen, particularly for a woman of her age. She carries herself with such confidence and self-assuredness that people can’t help but take her seriously, even in the craziest of ensembles. She knows what she wants and does not take no for an answer. Iris recalls being one of the first women to wear jeans in the 1940’s. It was deemed inappropriate for a female to wear jeans at that time, but Iris haunted a shop owner for six weeks until he made her a pair to get her off his back.

iris apfel, karlie kloss, kate spade

Iris in a Spring 2015 Kate Spade ad alongside Karlie Kloss

However, despite her strong will, Iris is anything but curmudgeonly. In one scene, she stops the procession of the red carpet to invite an old friend to dinner at her place. She ignores the flashbulbs of the cameras to bend down and affectionately rub the head of her husband, seated in a wheelchair beside her. In another scene, as she poses in front of an artistic rendering of herself, she reaches out and holds the hand of her doorman, inviting him into the frame.

When Iris meets Kanye West, she tells him that she is a big fan of his. When he tells her she looks great, she blushes. Later, when she meets Jenna Lyons, Iris talks about how impressed she is by the J.Crew Creative Director and President, although Lyons insists it is the other way around.

Part of what launched the cult-like fame around Apfel was an exhibition at the renowned Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. When the Institute’s original exhibit fell through, Iris was approached and asked if she would be willing to show off her collection of couture costume jewelry – one of the two largest collections in the country. The curators decided it would make more of an impact if they also showed some full outfits alongside the jewels to show the power of transformation in accessories. It snowballed into an unforgettable and whimsical exhibit.

And whimsical she is. The documentary peeks inside the Apfel’s Palm Beach, Florida apartment. Every inch of the space is filled with games, stuffed animals, and trippy trinkets. In anyone else’s home it would look kitschy – in Iris’, it looks high fashion. The home has a toy store feel, which alludes to the childlike personalities of both Iris and Carl – in the best way possible. The couple leaves the Christmas lights and decorations up for eight months out of the year.

Every figurine tells a story, and each is artfully placed. As she shows us around the space, she stops to say hello to a stuffed Kermit the Frog, seated atop the ostrich-statue-turned-bar. “Kermit decided he’d love to live here, and he’s become a terrible lush. See how tipsy he is?” It’s impossible not to fall in love with her wit. She shows us a large dog statue and explains how it took her years to find the right statement necklace to fit both the dog’s ceramic neck as well as his personality.

Apfel was asked to decorate one of the world-renowned Bergdorf Goodman window displays. She painstakingly styled each mannequin with layers of baubles. Nothing was an accident – she took control of everything down to the way her feather boa sat in a mannequin’s hand. Each mannequin’s face remained empty except for an oversized pair of spectacles.

Iris Apfel, Carl Apfel

Iris and Carl

Perhaps the most poignant aspect of Iris is the relationship between Iris and her husband, Carl. The pair has a silly, dry rapport. Although Iris often pretends to roll her eyes at Carl, the camera repeatedly pans down to their wrinkled, pale hands intertwined. As wheelchair-bound Carl watches Iris try on clothes in a vintage shop, he sings out of tune: “That’s where my money goes, to buy my baby’s clothes!” The love between the two is palpable. He later remarks how lucky he is to have such a talented wife – “I think I’ll keep her,” he jokes. Towards the end of the film, Iris admits that she has just had surgery but kept it a secret from her husband. He is “so devoted to me,” she reveals, with sadness in her eyes. She didn’t want to worry him. Heartbreakingly, Carl passed away on August 1st, a few days shy of his 101st birthday.

After I watched Iris, I gushed to my TV-and-film-critic brother about how the documentary – and the person – had instantly become my new favorite thing. He replied: “She’s so you. Old lady who’s super cute, sassy, and stylish. I.e. you in 65 years.” I’ve never been so flattered – I told him that if I am 1/100th as amazing as she is, my work will be done. But I won’t argue the similarities. She unapologetically says she likes “big, bold, and lots of pizzazz…[because] life is gray and dull, and you might as well have a little fun when you dress.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, sister.

“That’s what life is about – if you’re just gonna sit there and do the same damn thing all the time, you may as well jump into the box yourself.” — Iris Apfel

Head to Netflix to check out Iris and let me know what you think! I hope you love it as much as I do.

Diabetes…in Color!

Note: You may have wondered why there was no post in my diabetes series last Friday. Due to some shipping delays, I had to hold off – but better late than never, right? Enjoy!


One happy diabetic.

After some pretty heavy posts last week, I think it’s time to brighten things up. Literally.

As I’ve briefly mentioned in the past, finding the perfect carrying case for my plethora of medical supplies is no easy task. Along with the typical purse contents of a twenty-something girl, I cannot leave the house without insulin, test strips, my meter, snacks, needles, a juicebox, and more. Needless to say my bag constantly feels like I’m carrying around a pile of bricks.

This may come as a shock to you since I am a leading contender for world’s worst shopaholic, but I’ve only owned about four ‘kits’ (what I call my supply bag) in my eight years as a diabetic. It’s just so difficult to find a bag that is small enough to throw into my purse or backpack but big enough to carry a small pharmacy. One with the perfect amount of correctly sized pockets. One that can be easily cleaned. And, arguably most importantly of all, one that is cute.

About six months ago, I discovered a company called Myabetic in an extensive online search for a new kit. I found several that I liked, but I’m a commitment-phobe when it comes to diabetes kits. You get surprisingly attached to these buggers.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and I got an email from the company advertising their latest kit, available for pre-order late this fall. I fell in love. So I emailed them telling them about my blog, my diaversary, and my love for their products.

They loved what I was doing to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes, so they offered to send me a sample of one of their existing bestsellers, the Banting wallet! I figured that they would know how much trust a diabetic had to put into their kit. Lauren, the customer care rep, guessed that I would want the pink one. She gets me already! It is even the perfect shade to match one of my favorite Kate Spade purses. Coincidence? I think not!

Myabetic was founded by a fellow diabetic fashionista, Kyrra Richards. She, too, wanted something that could express her individuality and personal style. She felt that diabetes had become her identity, and it was time to change that. I couldn’t agree more. Kyrra’s mission is to “transform diabetes through fashion and style.” A girl after my own heart!

Kyrra, the Myabetic brand and I are definitely on the same page. We refuse to let our disease cramp our style. Diabetes has only heightened my desire to live my life in color.

My oldest brother, Matt, gave me a framed art print a few Christmases ago. It features a colorful rooster and some powerful words. He said he thought of me right when he saw it. It’s now hanging near my bathroom mirror, where it reminds me of my mission every day.

It reads:

“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.”

And I am doing just that.

Colorfully yours,


Take a look at these photos of my new Banting wallet. If you know anyone with diabetes, refer them to the site so they can turn their disease into a fashion statement, too! 

Thank you to Kyrra and Lauren for supporting a fellow divabetic!


Outside zip pocket.


Compact size.


Outside slip pocket.


Hello beautiful! A pouch for my meter and lancing device, elastics for test strips and insulin pens, a pocket for needles and lancets, and even a removable waste pouch for all of the used needles and test strips that end up EVERYWHERE!


My meter’s new home!


Match made in heaven.

The LC Runway Collection


It’s no secret that I adore Lauren Conrad. In fact, I wrote all about my love for her a month or two ago on this very blog. I entered (and won!) a contest on her site. And when my friend referred to LC as my “spirit animal” just the other day, I basically squealed.

So it comes as no surprise that I was psyched to find out that Lauren was premiering her newest Kohl’s collection on the runway at New York Fashion Week. However, I’ll admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the LC/Kohl’s collabs in the past, so I didn’t get my hopes up too high.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

I am in love with the LC Runway Collection. It is ethereal, soft, feminine, and reminiscent of a woodland fairytale. The color palette is full of toned down neutrals and pastels. This is definitely outside of my comfort zone, as I tend to go for bold, bright colors, (duh) but it works so well here. The photos of Lauren herself in the collection actually glow. I’ve never had such a desire to be outdoors! Ha.

After making a mental ‘favorites’ list on the Kohl’s website, I couldn’t wait to get to my local store and see the items in the flesh.

Unfortunately, but not shockingly, my local Kohl’s had an extremely limited selection of LC Runway items. Regardless, it was nice to see the items in person – I was very impressed with the quality of each one I tried on.



I hate that there’s a but. Lauren is my girl. BUT I promised that my reviews would be honest and uncolored.

First of all, the price point is a little wacko for Kohl’s. I understand that Lauren is a legitimate designer and this is an awesome collaboration, but at the end of the day, we’re still talking about Kohl’s. The store needs to pander to its demographic. Full disclosure: if I’m going to spend $230 on a backpack or $120 on a little jacket, it’s probably not going to be at Kohl’s.

Secondly, the sizing was bizarre. I had to keep grabbing larger and larger sizes of the faux-suede motorcycle jacket – the item I wanted to see most. I finally felt comfortable in the size 12 – WTF? But although the body fit in that size, the arms were much too loose. Ugh. Next, I tried the scuba skirt in a size bigger than my usual. Still too small! The bow sweater that I tried was a cute and normal fit, but I’d be reticent when ordering online. I’m so tempted to order some of the items that I couldn’t find in stores, but I’m not sure how far up to go in size.

Anyway, odd sizing aside, the collection is just as gorgeous in person as it is on the website – and that’s not something you run into often. Hopefully I can get to another (fully stocked) location and try on some of the other items I’m lusting after.

Speaking of lust, I’ve chosen my favorite items from the LC Runway Collection below:

  1. Faux-suede motorcycle jacketI wish this had fit my body type better, because I’m obsessed. Girly and edgy – my two personalities in one item. The pale pink was amazing, but I’d love to see the deep green in person too!
  2. High Waist Soft Pants: I think I need these in my life. I’m not sure what I like best. That crepe? That blush tone? That sash? Ahhhh!
  3. Floral Scuba Skirt:  This skirt is thick and flattering. The sweet, feminine style and print would pair perfectly with the edginess of the motorcycle jacket, in either color!
  4. Tiered Fringe Crop Top: Daisy Buchanan, is that you? Oh, no – it’s just me looking fierce and flappery in my [currently imaginary] fringe crop.
  5. Tulle Maxi Skirt:  I’ve been hunting for the perfect tulle skirt for so long. Now someone invite me somewhere so I can buy this!
  6. Sequin Ombre Midi Skirt: Sequins + ombre + pink = a dream come true.
  7. Faux-Fur Collar Peacoat:  Don’t ask me how it even got into my head, but I’ve been wanting a pastel winter coat for the past couple of years. Hello, beautiful.
  8. Lace-Up High Heels: These are the ideal mix of classy and sexy. They’re so versatile, yet they’re reminiscent of a fairy princess. The perfect tie-in to the rest of the collection!

You may think I just listed most of the collection, but I promise this is an extremely narrowed down list. The collection is BIG. So much to choose from…so few money trees in my backyard. 😉

Keep my sizing comments in mind, but don’t let that stop you from shopping!

Support my spirit animal Lauren Conrad and channel your inner woodland fashionista while you’re at it. Time for your very own fairy tale!