Nama-Stay Stylish: Part One

I’ve never been one to wear athletic-wear outside of the gym. While most of my friends have always been down to grab coffee or run errands in Nike shorts and a tee, I’ve always been more comfortable throwing on a cotton dress and sandals. It’s not that I think I look more put together, it’s just that it feels more me. I’m not exactly an athlete even when I try to be, so I’ve never felt right posing as one in my daily activities.

Lately, though, “athleisure” is everywhere. Outfits that were once used solely for sweaty spinning sessions are now showing up at brunch spots around the country. I’ve noticed myself envying the outfits of women who’ve come straight from the yoga studio as much as those straight from the runway. Sports bras and stretchy bandeaus have ousted frilly push ups as the undergarments of choice. Not only can you stay stylish from the mat to the mall, these outfits look adorable even if they never see the inside of a gym.

When I found out that Lauren Conrad’s website was looking for someone to show a Fabletics outfit in all its glory for the “Chic of the Week,” I knew I already had the perfect ensemble for the challenge. The top I ordered from them a few months back is quite possibly the most versatile item in my wardrobe. It translates perfectly from day to night – from the barre to the bar! I had initially told myself that I could never be photographed in this top again since I’ve posted it too many times, but I couldn’t say no to LC, could I? 😉

My outfit was totally functional for an outdoor yoga sesh. Keep in mind that as new as I still am to yoga, I was even newer when these shots were taken! Clothes over pose, am I right?

Check out part one of my shoot below, and stay tuned to see how I styled my Fabletics for a day on the town!











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