From Chunky Monkey to Fit Chimp

As much as I try to acquire a taste for yogurt, it hasn’t seemed to happen yet. It’s such a convenient and healthy snack, but something about the taste and the consistency just doesn’t work for me. I love frozen yogurt, of course – anything with unnecessary sugar added to it usually agrees with my tastebuds. IMG_0019

The other night I was craving a sweet treat for dessert without cheating too much. I could’ve gone for some Ben & Jerry’s, but instead I scoured the cabinet for some add-ins to make the lonely Greek yogurt in my fridge more palatable. I decided to put my own spin on the iconic Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor “Chunky Monkey.” With that I present to you…

Fit Chimp Yogurt 

– one individual container of plain Greek yogurt (I used Chobani)

– one heaping teaspoon of peanut butter (I used Teddy’s)

– one teaspoon of honey

– a few almonds

– more than a few chocolate chips 😉

– 1/4 of a banana

– I mixed in a sprinkle of Stevia because my sweet tooth is off the charts

Mix it all together and you’ll forget you’re eating yogurt! I didn’t have the patience to wait, but I’m sure this would taste delicious frozen as well.

This treat is definitely not monkeying around.


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