#trending: GiGi New York

Me working in retail is like an alcoholic working in a liquor store. But since my family hasn’t staged an intervention yet, my shopping addiction will continue to be exacerbated by my part time gig. Let’s just say I don’t always take home a paycheck. The latest line that I’ve been lusting after from behind the register is GiGi New York. The brand hand-makes leather bags of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Although the company has been around since 2010, GiGi has received amazing exposure in recent months via social media. Fashion bloggers of all kinds have been posing with their personalized clutches, crossbody bags and satchels. I am a sucker for anything monogrammed as well as anything bright, and GiGi kills those two fashionable birds with one leather-covered stone.

image via What Courtney Wore, www.thecourtneykerr.com

image via What Courtney Wore, http://www.thecourtneykerr.com

When the bags first began popping up on my Instagram feed, I wasn’t necessarily head over heels purse. They were certainly cute, but by the time I clicked through to the site (www.giginewyork.com) and did some browsing, I didn’t think the simple bags were worth the price tag. When I saw them in person at work, though, I was immediately drawn to the bold hues and gold initials.

The clutches start at $105 before monogramming, but of course I am drawn to the bigger (and pricier) items like the Hayden Satchel, starting at $495. Maybe in my next life.

The Hayden Satchel

The Hayden Satchel

As a born bargain hunter, I still won’t be jumping on the GiGi train just yet. Instead, I’ll be spending all of my paychecks on a plane ticket to Florida – sun is perhaps the one thing I worship more than clothing. If I get a big check one of these days, though, you just may spot me with an embossed python GiGi… an “HMB” emblazoned on the front, of course.

Hint, hint – I didn’t just post my initials for kicks. πŸ˜‰


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